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Erin Kaukas

 Erin Kaukas - is a designer of handmade totes, clutches and pillows.  She uses unique fabric combinations to make her designs standout.  Her passion for patterns and color combinations make each project unique.  Erin resides in Arlington Vermont with her husband, Martin and is Becca and Maddie’s cousin!!! 

Jayne Gallimore

LydieBug Mosaics - When Jayne Gallimore retired from the world of teaching she realized that she had the time to pursue her lifelong interest in art.....specifically mosaic art.  Her journey began with experimenting with designs on rocks using stained glass.  These evolved to her Garden Art.  She soon graduated to bigger and more detailed pieces - a stained glass mosaic she made on an old window for a friend started her obsession and launched her career as a mosaic artist!

Jayne uses stained glass for all her projects, whether she is working on windows, picture frames, rocks, or vintage oars.  She sometime incorporates other materials into her projects... clay, tiles, metal embellishments, even jewelry!! Her themes have a definite Massachusetts coastal flavor, lighthouses, fish, and seaside florals to name a few.  Follow her on Facebook!  Reciprocity is so pleased to have her join our artisan family!  

Lynn Abravanel  and Patti LeGrand

Scarabocchio Jewelry - Lynn Abravanel and Patty LeGrand have been creating handcrafted sterling and gold jewelry since 1977 in Boston and Cape Cod.  Exhibiting under the name of Scarabocchio, their artistry can be seen at juried craft shows throughout New England.  Scarabocchio translates to scribbles, doodles, and designs that flow into classic style.  In creating their original pieces they are continuously experimenting with wire and sheets of sterling silver and gold metal to form their original jewelry.  Each design is constructed one piece at a time using old-fashioned hand tools.  In this way, they differ from other jewelers who cast or assemble.  All of the materials  that they use are of the highest quality sterling silver, 14 Karat Gold, and semi-precious stones.  Their unique designs appeal to many generations.  Their contemporary jewelry reflects their Cape Cod roots. They name many of their designs with a water theme. Examples are their Bass River Striper and Ebb Tide bracelets as well as the Sandbar earrings and bracelet.   

Little Pieces of Key West

Niki Pinko- the creator of "Little Pieces of Key West", originally from Detroit, for over 30 years. A talented woodworker, she started making her "Niki Stik" hair clips over 20 years ago and sold them during sunset at Mallory Square.  

Her newest passion is her cigar box creations, reviving cigar boxes (some of them Cuban!) by masterfully adding little pieces of history to the tops. Her materials include reclaimed vintage linoleum (what she describes as the poor mans persian rug) and old Key West siding from restored Key West homes. The result is a treasure box representing the beautiful bright colors of Key West.  It was fate that we met Niki and a common love of reclaimed material that cemented our new friendship! Her pieces are a symbol of how she treasured each little piece of Key West.

Nick Nickerson

 Nick Nickerson of Chatham Coastal Creations was forced to take a break from Commercial fishing when he was diagnosed with throat cancer a decade ago.  To stay busy he started making shell mirrors out of the scallop shells which are normally discarded at sea.  Their popularity launched a new career for Nick and in 2017 he added beautiful ornamental decorations with a variety of silhouettes cut out of the shells with a water laser jet.  He thought they would make a nice local gift to take home!  He was right!!!

Savor Shortbread 

 Andre Kleft, owner and founder of Savor Fine Foods grew up in Connecticut and for many years lived in San Francisco’s Bay Area working as a visual artist. He grew up in a home where meals were celebrations. Drawing deep from his personal experiences and his connection with the profound cultural variety of California,he redirected his creativity towards food production when he returned to his home state.  He was raised to believe that eating is an essential part of living with the utmost appreciation for good things: that which we take, give, and share with grace.  You can find a selection of his amazing shortbread at Reciprocity!!!

Helene Stracco Weavings
Helene Stracco Weavings

Helene Stracco

 Helene Stracco began weaving at Castle Hill Arts Center in Truro on Cape Cod in the early ‘70s . Prior to that, she learned to spin and dye wool in Brewster from a dynamic young woman who wore fresh water pearls in her hair. The first fleece she acquired was from Naushon Island off the coast of Falmouth and purchased after the roundup and shearing of the wild sheep that live on the island.  She enjoys weaving with natural and novelty fibers. Her work includes Saori style coats and toppers , scarves, and shawls. Hand dyed weft faced Ikat techniques are found in hr tapestries.  She achieved the level of master weaver in 1992after completing a four-year weaving program at the Hill Institute in Florence Ma.

She is a member of the Arts Foundation , The Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen, Providence art Association, The Cultural Arts Center in Yarmouth and The Weaving Network of Cape Cod.  She has participated in artisans fairs on the Cape.