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Owner, M.A.Designs.  Co-owner Reciprocity Artisans Market

 Madeline Ahrensfeld - M.A.Designs -

Maddie Ahrensfeld is a self taught artist who began her love of art at an early age, creating heart pictures with permanent markers in vibrant colors.

What started as custom birthday cards for her friends and family,soon blossomed in to her M.A. Designs - bright graphics, fun patterns, custom "kicks" (painted sneakers") and original paintings.  Starting in 2016 she began displaying her work at art shows on Cape Cod and in Key West,Florida.  The reaction from her fellow artists, as well as the public, encouraged her family to open a home base retail space for her creations. "Reciprocity" was born to give Maddie an opportunity to share her work to more than just the art show community and also to give back to those who helped her along the way.  She loves all the mediums she works with but her true love remains in the "Heart Art" she creates for her note cards and "one of a kind" cards.   To shop Maddie’s on line store go to:

Natasha Wing

 Natasha Wing is a successful children’s author who has published many books in her career, the most renown being the "Night Before......" series!  She paints watercolors of pets as well, primarily dogs.  She enjoys capturing their personalities to make people smile.  She has created her "Pup-up" cards to spread those smiles!  Natasha lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband, Dan and her cat!

Gaylene Hepp

 The woman behind the knitting needles of the GORGEOUS sweaters of L’Agneau is Gaylene Heppe, a retired Elementary School Principal and Nana to four little ones.  She learned to knit when she was 10 years old and still loves to KNIT.   Creating and designing sweaters is both challenging and rewarding, but with attention to details, style, and fit, the L’Agneau label assures finely crafted quality.  Her family has long treasured her hand knit sweaters, and now you can choose from the hand knit collection for the precious baby or toddler in your life.  Every baby deserves the practical luxury of hand knits.  You can see her exquisite sweaters at Reciprocity or shop on line at:


A Purple Cottage upcycle glass wind chimes
A Purple Cottage upcycle glass wind chimes

Jennifer Resor- “The Purple Cottage”

Jennifer Resor, originally from Dennis, MA now lives and creates her beautiful wind chimes in Key West, FL.  Her colorful eye-catching chimes made from upcycled glass not only add to decor but to a zen area of a home with their soft tones.