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Nature’s Artistry 

Linda Popper - Natures Artistry Jewelry - Lifelong conservationist, Linda Popper, invites you to join her celebration of Earth's natural beauty.  Using farm-raised sustainable materials, gently sourced gemstones, and recycled metals, each unique creation is a piece of wearable art.  Reciprocity carries many of Linda's beautiful pieces but to go to her website directly: 

Sal DeSantis

Sal DeSantis - retired to Cape Cod after serving as the commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Conservation for the City of Yonkers,NY as well as Westchester County, NY for more than 25 years.  While he still does some professional consulting , the majority of he's day is spent in his garden or woodwork shop.

He has been designing bird homes and furniture for more than 30 years as a hobby.  Many of his homes have been featured on Cape Cod in various art galleries, retail shops and garden centers.

He has designed and constructed bird homes in many different styles but now primiarily features reclaimed, aged woods, and metal as well as natural materials from the Cape Cod landscape.

Didi Klepacz
Didi Klepacz

Deirdre Klepacz

Deirdre Klepacz - A Charmed Life - "Living outside the lines" has been Didi's mantra since she was a small child. It has taken her down the path of being an artist, musician, designer, crafter and mother. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of design and a co-creator of an art rock band. After falling in love with the drummer, she married and had two children (who she describes as spectacular !) while always finding an outlet for her creativity- children's clothing, gift cards, jewelry making, and knitting - always as gifts with the goal of bringing joy, happiness and love to the receiver. 

With her children grown, she now finds the time, inspiration and energy to fully devote herself to her craft and art - creating jewelry, watercolors, hand printed children's clothing as well as collecting vintage items that speak her language of whimsy and function. Her cross pollination of ideas creates new ways of looking at things- knitting can inspire jewelry, beads can inspire colors in artwork, and nature , family and love inspire all. She embraces the desire to bring happiness and surprise in little ways, to show there is always something new to be seen in the everyday, and to never take anything for granted. As a side note, due to her enthusiasm and encouragement of promoting Maddie's art,  "Reciprocity" was created by The Ahrensfelds. Her ideas, support and loyalty helped make the shoppe what it promises to be- the true meaning of Reciprocity!!

Marston Pottery

Stephanie and Sam Marston- Marston Pottery - Stefanie and Sam are both Art teachers teaching students from kindergarten through high school in their home town in New Hampshire. Stefanie is a self proclaimed "Jack of all Trades" and loves to create art from a multitude of medias.  Sam explores a playful relationship between utilitarian forms and decorative objects in his work.  Reciprocity is lucky enough to have a nice selection of The Marston’s pottery but to see all of their work go to:


Keith Allen

Keith Allen Glass - Keith Allen has been melting glass since March 2015 and feels fortunate to be part of great group of people that the glass community encompasses.  His marbles, pendants and eyeballs are truly mesmerizing works of art glass - each one unique and incredibly special.  Anyone lucky enough to have a piece from Keith appreciates his talent and cherishes the prized treasure.

Sara Vadja

Sikra Jewelry- Sara Vadja found her passion in working with precious metals and mastered her craft at the prestigious Koos Karoly School of arts in Hungary from where she graduated in 2009. For years she has worked with master goldsmiths in Hungary and the United States. Sarah takes great pride in being able to craft her jewelry from raw materials that reflect her love of nature with the utmost precision while maintaining a vivid imagination and a touch of whimsy. 

Deb Staub

Deb Staub Designs.  - Deb is an artist and Lowcountry Master Naturalist.  She uses clay, metal, glass, wood, and textiles to combine her two passions - nature and art.  Originally from New England, Deb's studio now overlooks the tidal creeks of Saint Helena Island, South Carolina.  It is here that she is inspired to create many formats of functional original art that reflects the movement and organic beauty found in the ebb and flow of tidal marsh life.  Each stoneware piece is unique.  No patterns are used in the creation of these pieces.  They are hand built, textured and glazed to enhance the nuances of the clay.  Truly one of a kind Lowcountry inspired art.

Bill Wilkie 

 Billy Wilkie Art- Billy lives and works in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Being a self-taught artist, Billy has refined his ideas and formed his own unique style.  Most of his artwork captures the beautiful landscapes and wildlife found in the environment of coastal South Carolina.

Maggie Ruley

 Maggie Ruley- moved to Key West in 1985 after receiving a BFA from University of Arizona.  Her first studio was on the corner of Thomas and Petronia Street in the Blue Heaven building where the restaurant is now.  It was so small she named it "Dragonfly, a tiny studio."  She created a body of work that incorporates the tropical motifs and colors found in Key West’s Island Life style.  The exploration of these styles continue to enthrall her and although she has since moved to her current larger location on Fleming Street, she remembers those days with great fondness.  She enjoys sharing stories of those days and welcomes all who stop in to meet her.  That was how we met Maggie who has since become the only professional art teacher Maddie has had!  We were lucky enough to stumble across her and sign up for classes where Maddie has learned many new techniques to further her creativity.  Maggie’s patient and loving ways, her shared passion for bright colors, and the comraderie of her students has encouraged Maddie to grow artistically.   Website: Maggie

Studio celia

Celia Joseph, a Harwich resident, designs and creates unique jewelry inspired by the beauty of the world around her. She took advantage of living abroad in Ireland for three years by formally studying jewelers design and fabrication at the School of Jewellery Ireland completing their foundation course and studying with Ireland’s master jewelers that covered stone setting, anti-clastic raising silversmithing and finishing techniques. She lives in Harwich near the beautiful Red River Beach with her husband Dave and her wonderful dog, Shamrock.